Fans of Scott McCloud may already be familiar with the Dadaist card game known as 5-Card Nancy. For those of you who aren't, here are the rules. It's a fun (if somewhat silly) game and I thought it would make a great time-waster for slow days at work. So I quickly hacked together a script, sliced up some JPEGs, and here we are.

There's only one real difference between this version of the game and the one described at Scott McCloud's website — there are no other players, so you get to call all the shots yourself. (On the other hand, you can always grab the URL and send it off to anyone you want to share it with.)

This is an upgraded version of my original web game, upgraded with PHP and jQuery, with over 900 higher-quality panels taken from more than 80 actual Ernie Bushmiller Sunday strips. (You can find the old version here for legacy purposes.) A special thanks to The Copacetic Comics Company for having old copies of Nancy and Sluggo and Tip-Top Comics just lying around.

Ready to play? Then start clicking!

Click on a panel to add it to the sequence:


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