Project Update

Here's a quick revision of the character sketch I first shared about a month ago. I decided to un-flatten the character's jaw a bit and tone down the two-tone hair but other than that it's largely unchanged.

I'm not quite happy with the character's wardrobe, though. The effect I'm trying to go for is someone who's thrown out a huge wardrobe of t-shirts and is trying to dress more respectably but doesn't quite know how to pull that off. Does anyone have any suggestions for possible outfits that would look awkward and slightly age-inappropriate without looking totally ludicrous?

Random Thoughts

Thought #29

It's sort of sad that when I see the headline "Bodack hired by city sewer authority" the first thought that comes to mind is, "Gee, they must have great Fortitude saves over at the PWSA."

Thought #30

Up the street from me, South Hills Optical is advertising it's "hot, sexy Sarah Palin frames." I wish this was a joke but apparently it isn't. There's nothing wrong with being attractive but this seems like an undignified way to treat someone running for a national political office. Even if she is hot (but politically repugnant).

Thought #31



Thought #32

My current apartment has a screened-in porch, so this year I thought I might put out some pots and grow some vegetables. (It turns out the suburban nesting instict runs much deeper than I'd thought.) The cold Spring meant that I got a late start, but as of today my hard work has finally paid off.

Behold nature's glorious bounty!

Nature's glorious bounty

Dinky little things, ain't they? The largest one is about 2" in diameter. I was thinking of making the world's smallest BLT, but the Sonoma Grille has apparently beat me to it.

Obviously my porch does not get enough sunlight for growing tomatoes. Oh well. The good news is that the peppers turned out just fine, so next year I think I'll be growing a lot more.

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