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With (ADJECTIVE) ferocity...

Writing a barbarian novel? Running out of ways to describe your main character, who has panther-like cunning, panther-like grace, and the coiled strength of a jungle cat? Well fret no longer! 741.5 Comics and the rhombic triacontahedron are here to help!

TABLE 1: Appropriate Adjectives for Describing the Qualities of a Barbarian (d30)

  1. panther-like
  2. pantheraceous
  3. pantheractic
  4. pantheral
  5. pantherastic
  6. pantherative
  7. panthereal
  8. pantherene
  9. pantheresque
  10. pantherful
  11. pantherial
  12. pantheric
  13. pantherical
  14. pantheriffic
  15. pantheriform
  16. pantherine
  17. pantherish
  18. pantherly
  19. pantheroid
  20. pantherotic
  21. pantherous
  22. pantherphilic
  23. panthory
  24. panther-style
  25. panther-y
  26. like a panther
  27. not unlike a panther
  28. in a manner reminiscent of a panther
  29. with the proportionate ability of a panther
  30. Roll again on this table, and also on TABLE 1A: Acceptable Panther Substitutes. If this result is indicated again, give up and try to find a way to describe your barbarian that doesn't involve panthers.

TABLE 1A: Acceptable Panther Substitutes (d20)

  1. bobcat
  2. cat
  3. catamount
  4. cheetah
  5. cougar
  6. jaguar
  7. jaguarundi
  8. jungle cat
  9. kitten
  10. leopard
  11. lion
  12. lynx
  13. mountain lion
  14. ocelot
  15. panther (Why mess with what works?)
  16. puma
  17. tiger
  18. tigrillo
  19. wildcat
  20. Roll twice on this table and figure out the apropriate name for a hybrid of the two cats indicated. If hybridization is not possible just use "chimeric" or "chimerical" as appropriate.

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