Excerpt from "City of Sin" (1937)

ZanZarZinj! City of splendors!

Manglorious reined in his destrier atop the towering dune and beheld the fabulous city that spread before him. Its alabaster walls rose like silver bulwarks from the desert. Its jewel-encrusted minarets glittered like diamonds in the moonlight. At this late hour the cobblestone streets were turned into golden rivers by the flickering of torches beyond. Truly, it was a sight like no other. Manglorious cared not.

Onward he rode.

ZanZarZinj! City of pleasure!

As he rode through the busy streets a thousand thousand indulgences assaulted his senses. Perfumed houris beckoned at him from behind silken curtains, while fat merchants whispered of bargains beyond belief. Enticing scents of exotic dishes and libations wafted from every tavern and inn. Yet none could distract Manglorious from his task.

Onward he rode.

ZanZarZinj! City of death!

Somewhere in this city of sin lurked Pazar Paxu, his sworn foe, the blackguard who had slain his beloved, toppled his kingdom, and besmirched his honor. Manglorious had vowed not to rest until his axe had cleaved the wizard's head in twain. It had been months, and he had never been so close as he was now. It was only a matter of time until he caught the sorcerer's foul stench again.

Onward he rode.

Miles away, two mounted figures crested the same dune and beheld ZanZarZinj spreading before them.

Celidh sighed and flicked her flame-colored tresses out of her eyes. "Once again Manglorious rides off, heedless of any dangers that might lurk ahead. He will surely need our help in the days to come. But how are we to find him in a city of such size?"

If her feminine prattling annoyed him, the inscrutable Xong gave no indication. "The answer is simple." He gazed out at the splendor before him for a long moment, sweet-smelling smoke puffing out from beneath his hood. "A man such as he walks with the tread of a thousand. His steps will not be difficult to retrace."

Onward they rode.

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