Let's Go Clubbing, Baby

Panel 1

Danecia: Whee!

K-85: Ow!

Sarah: K-85?

Panel 2

K-85: Sarah! Help me! Danecia's on a robot-smashing rampage!

Sarah: So hit her back.

Panel 3

K-85: But the first law-

Sarah: Do you really think I'd program you with those stupid laws? Hit her!.

Panel 4

Sound Effect: WAM!

Panel 5

K-85: Hey, this is fun!

Danecia: Ain't it, though?

Comments (4)

  • Dave 'The Knave' White (05/01/2009)

    It's time to stop fronting (or at least, stop fronting as much, since this strip is still backdated four days). On the minus side, I only completed six strips during the month of April. On the plus side, that's six more strips than I've completed in the past several years.

  • Steve Ford (05/06/2009)

    Damn the risks, Sarah will be mine. Oh yes, she *will* be mine.

  • Sarah Pleininthal (05/06/2009)

    You've got it backwards there. I'm the one who does all the owning around here, geek boy.

  • Aaron (05/06/2009)

    Hey, it's good to see the comics. :) Keep 'em coming!

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Let's Go Clubbing, Baby

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