Third Time's A Charm

Okay, I've been tinkering with my damn content management system for months now, and it's time to pull the trigger on this brand new blog. Hopefully this time I'll keep up with it for more than a few months...

About Me

I'm Dave "The Knave" White, mild-mannered web designer by day and frustrated æsthete at night. I wrote a book once, and I've even had a few comics published, though I doubt you've read either one. You may remember my long-running (and now defunct) web comic The Japanese Beetle. I'm currently working on a new project to take its place (more on that later).

About This Blog

This blog is a place where I can share my thoughts about comics. I'm sure you're thinking, "Oh great, just what we need, another comics blog." But I'm hoping that my background in the visual arts and my experience as an amateur cartoonist will help me emphasize to the visual side of comics. The comics blogosphere has an unfortunate tendency to ignore the art completely, and I hope to redress that.

It's also a place where I can show off what's on my drawing board. As someone with a very tight schedule, I rarely get a chance to think about what I do, and by forcing myself to examine my work I hope to improve in the long run.

One thing this blog won't be is timely. Don't expect to hear about the latest comics news unless I have very strong opinions on it. And definitely don't expect a lot in the way of personal tidbits. I don't really care what I had for breakfast this morning, and I cerrtainly don't expect you to care either.

Final Thoughts

I guess I should make this official by posting some hilariously out-of-context panels from old comics.

Betty and Veronica #204, p. 12

Betty and Veronica #204 (December 1972)

I don't which Archie finds more shocking — that Veronica is two-timing him or that she's two-timing him with Betty.

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  1. AnoneMouse (01/04/2008)

    She seems rather infatuated by that parking meter.

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