Black Musketeers Black Panther #9

So, it's 1978 and the kids of America are gaga over Star Wars and you want these kids reading your comics. What's a Jack Kirby to do?

You mean he isn't one of us?Black Panther #9 (May 1978), pages 16 detail
Art by Jack Kirby and Mike Royer.

Yeah, that seems about right. (You have to admit, that's pretty impressive given that the King was probably drawing all that from memory.)


In a cruder, more commercial vein, there's this ad.

Darth Vader Lives

Yes, when you want to sell the hot new stuff to the kids but it's so hot and new you still don't have model sheets for the characters or know how to spell their names right. Or the word "laser." It's funny until you remember that Heroes World almost destroyed the comic book industry in the late '90s.

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