Not Offically Recognized in the DSM-5

So, there I was, wandering around this year's Pinburgh pinball tournament with Jenn and Bayani, when out of the corner of my eye I saw... Silverball Mania!

Silverball Mania

Look at that! Wow! It's so in-your-face and shiny and reflective and almost annoyingly impossible to photograph! But I love it!

Silverball Mania

Don't get me wrong, I love the silverballs — can't get enough of them — but these guys really love them. Perhaps a bit too much. I don't think I've seen anyone so attached to a silver orb since Sleeper.

Silverball Mania

Okay, definitely too much.

I am pretty sure what the guy on the left is doing is illegal in 49 states, even if the pinball machine does appear to be enjoying it. And hey, guy on the right? Step away from the pinball machine and turn around! There's a beautiful naked silver lady right behind you, lovingly caressing your silverballs! Wizard isn't even a particularly good board — it's wide open and slow as molasses!

You can see more of "Silverball Mania" as well as other photos of pinball backglasses over in my flickr photostream.

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