Five-Card Nancy Rides Again!

You may have been wondering why I've been treading water, snarking on ads from old comics. Well, it's because I've been working on this...

Five-Card Nancy

...a brand-new version of Five-Card Nancy Solitaire!

If you're not familiar with Scott McCloud's Five-Card Nancy, here are the rules:

  1. Find a reprint book of Nancy strips. Xerox a good portion of the book, and cut up the xeroxes so that you end up with lots of small pieces of paper, each containing only one panel.
  2. Get four or five players. Shuffle and deal everyone five panels face-down (or just have everyone choose five face-down cards from the pile). Pick a panel randomly from the pile and place it face-up on the upper left-hand corner of the playing surface. This is panel one.
  3. Take turns going clockwise around the table. Each person can either put down one of the panels in their hand face-up next to whatever the last panel put down was, or choose to trade in one of their cards for two randomly selected cards from the deck.
  4. When you put a panel down, the other players vote on whether or not it makes a good continuation of the story-so-far. If the majority votes that it is a good continuation, then the panel stays. If the majority votes that it's not a good continuation, then you have to put the panel back into your hand, and it's still the next person's turn.
  5. First player to get rid of all the cards in their hand wins.

This is a solitaire version of that game, so you can never really "win." (On the other hand, you can always grab the full URL of your game and share it with anyone).

This new version features:

  • Cleaner back-end code
  • Niftier front-end interface
  • More panels
  • Higher-quality panels (boy howdy, are they higher-quality)

What are you waiting for? Go play!

(And, if for some reason, you ever need to access the old version, you can find it here.)

(Also, before you say anything, I know the mobile version sucks right now. I'm working on it. But if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.)

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