Green Devil Face

The first time I became aware of James Edward Raggi IV was when a friend pointed me at his wonderfully bizarre Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role Playing Games and Their Modern Simulacra. I downloaded it immediately and spent hours rolling up bizarre monsters for D&D game. My only complaint? Not enough tables for the 30-sided die.

James also publishes Green Devil Face, a nifty little OSR fanzine that always contains something I can use in my games. A few months ago, he announced that he was taking submissions for Green Devil Face #4 - and for the first time, he was taking art submissions. So I decided to see what I could throw together.

The titular "Green Devil Face" is a reference to the classic first edition Tomb of Horrors, which featured a deadly trap disguised as an elaborate archway in the shape of, well, a green devil face. I wanted to create something that evoked the same sense of trouble and adventure. I came up with some doodles at PodCamp Pittsburgh, and after some refinements I wound up with the following image today.

Green Devil Face

(You can see a high-resolution version over on my deviantART page.)

I started off by scanning in my original sketch, blowing it up to an appropriate size, printing it out and then refining it on the lightbox. The pencils turned out nicely - too nicely to risk ruining them with a sloppy inking job, so I wound up doing the inking with on tracing paper with a brush pen.

The green color is actually a green ink wash I dashed off with a sumi brush and scanned in. The coloring and shadowing was done in Photohop, with a textured parchment overlay I purchased from iStockPhoto. The color ground is built up from my Bloodstayne brushes, and the logo is a font I purchased from months ago and haven't found a use for until now (Sinzano, IIRC).

This all came together rather quickly over the course of a few days and I'm pleasantly surprised by how nicely it turned out.

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