Two Minis by Matt Wiegle

Monsters & Condiments cover Is It Bacon? cover

Here are two minis by cartoonist Matt Wiegle that I picked up in Toronto... god, was that really six months ago? Anyway, they're both short, 16-page comics that somehow manage to milk every last drop of humor from their simple premises. "Is It Bacon?" is a field guide to identifying bacon (which, as it turns out can be quite easily confused with a bunch of other substances). "Monsters & Condiments" is devoted to the premise that "when properly seasoned, all fiends inspire delight rather than terror."

Both comics are actually highly entertaining. The off-kilter erudition of "Is It Bacon?" and the sheer left-field absurdity of "Monsters & Condiments" are complemented by Wiegle's drawing style, which makes extensive use of hatching to help ground their high-concept underpinnings.

Is It Bacon? p. 8-9Is It Bacon? p. 8-9

Monsters & Condiments p. 6-7Monsters & Condiments p. 6-7

Unfortunately, there's no denying that both minis are a bit, well, slight. They rarely stray too far from their initial premise, and while they're guaranteed to provide a few laughs they're not the sort of work that rewards serious scrutiny. They'd feel right at home in an anthology, or in a compilation of Wiegle's total works, but as individual works they can sometimes feel like a poor value for your money. Fortunately, Matt Wiegle manages to side-step the entire issue by pricing them at a mere $1.

You can get more information about Matt Wiegle at the PARTYKA web site, and order copies of the minis through the PARTYKA store (well, except for "Is It Bacon?" which is predictable sold out).

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