Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2009 When you get on the train to Niagara

This weekend I'm at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival (as a fan, not a guest). Today I drove up with Tom Scioli and Jim Rugg, and then we spent a while yesterday just hanging out before the convention. So did we go to the big Drawn and Quarterly Tatsumi/Tomine gallery opening? Nope. Did we party hearty? Nope. Did we sat around our hotel rooms drawing comics?. Nope.

Mostly we spent all afternoon waiting around for Chris Pitzer before giving up and walking down to the Beguiling. Then, after we finally did manage to hook up with Chris we spent about fifteen minutes trying to figure out if we could make a showing of new Star Trek movie or not, and then an hour or so arguing about what we should eat. (Final call: burgers and poutine.) Still, good fun.

Also, we hit Niagara Falls on the way in.

Jim Rugg ponders the promised land (Fort Erie)

Water, the source of all life

That first step's a doozy

It looks like a miniature set from an old Godzilla movie, doesn't it?

Nicola Tesla, inventor of Niagara Falls

And, because Astralagos demanded it...

The happiest place on earth

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