Let's Go Clubbing, Baby

Panel 1

Danecia: So...

Panel 2

Danecia: What kind of engineer builds a system without safeguards?

Sarah: Are you kidding?

Panel 3

Sarah: The first time one of her creations goes rampant and tries to destroy mankind is the proudest moment in an A.I. designer's life!

Panel 4

Sarah: I've got big hopes for this one - Skynet's the limit!

Danecia: Eep.

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  • Dave 'The Knave' White (05/03/2009)

    If anyone cares, I'll be at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival this weekend (as a visitor, not an exhibitor), blogging and tweeting the whole time. If anyone wants to meet and have a beer or something let me know.

  • Steve Ford (05/21/2009)

    Hey! This one slipped past me somehow. Sneaky devil... K85 and Skynet eh? I can just see Schwarzenegger about to shoot Connor when suddenly he sees a baby harp seal. "AH, DATS SO CUTE!"

  • Sofox (06/07/2009)

    Dave, that is an aweful, terrible pun and now I am caught between telling you you should be ashamed and praising your very name to the entire world.

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