Let's Go Clubbing, Baby

Panel 1

K-85: You want to do what?

Sarah: Hey, I can't help it!

Panel 2

Sarah: I'm drawn to the transgressive! When society says I can't do something, I must do it! If they say I can't smoke, I smoke! If they say I can't drink, I can't drink! If they say I can't club something...

Panel 3

Sarah: ...I just wanna smash it! Even if it is only a robot.

Panel 4

Sarah: K-85?

Comments (10)

  • Steve Ford (04/20/2009)

    Ya know, part of me wants to ask Sarah out on a date. But I'm afraid she would take the safe word as a challenge...

  • K-85 (04/20/2009)

    What's a "safe word?"

  • Vereteno (04/20/2009)

    You obviously don't hang around the same S/M circles as Steve.

  • Steve White (04/20/2009)

    Can you file a restraining order on behalf of a fictional character?

  • Dave 'The Knave' White (04/21/2009)

    You tell me, Mr. Lawyer...

  • Michael Collins (04/21/2009)

    Kaba-Ilco is a safe word.

  • K-85 (04/21/2009)

    Oooh! Then my safe word is "kltpzyxm!"

  • Steve Ford (04/26/2009)

    Vereteno, in case you haven't figured it out yet http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=safe+word.

  • Dave 'The Knave' White (04/27/2009)

    Aw, piffle. Urban Dictionary can make anything innocuous into some perverted sex thing.

  • Sofox (06/07/2009)

    Not that I'm into this sort of stuff (seriously), but I think my favourite safety word I found on the internet has to be "fiscal quarter".

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