Let's Go Clubbing, Baby

Panel 1

K-85: What's up, Sarah?

Sarah: Heh. You'll love this...

Panel 2

Sarah: Robot harp seals!

Panel 3

K-85: How sweet! Their cute by unfamiliar visage will help us bridge the uncanny valley and bring joy and comfort to the aged in their declining years!

Panel 4

Sarah: uh, right...

Comments (5)

  • Dave 'The Knave' White (04/06/2009)

    No, I haven't died. Yes, I am backdating these. I plan to be caught up by the end of this weekend. Hurt me if I'm not.

    This strip is based on this photo and the immediate reaction of my own monstrous id. Though having "Baby Seals" come up on random play certainly helped.

  • Steve Ford (04/16/2009)


    The tail hug, the closed mouth and eyes in P4 ... you SO nailed this! Screw Bin Laden's babies, I want to have YOURS! Or Sarah's.

  • Sarah Pleininthal (04/17/2009)

    You may want to be careful what you say, in case I decide to take that as an engineering challenge instead of idle talk...

  • Steve Ford (04/20/2009)

    (gulp) Nice Sarah ... Good Sarah ... (Psst, Dave - you didn't give her my IP address, did you?)

  • Sarah Pleininthal (04/20/2009)

    What makes you think I need his help to get your IP, sweet cheeks?

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