I Love Everything

Panel 1

K-85: I love this world and everything in it!

Sarah: Frickin' robot up in a tree..

Panel 2

Sarah: Come on, even poverty? Even disease? Even Osama Bin Laden?

K-85: Yes!

Panel 3

K-85: I love Osama Bin Laden!

Panel 4

K-85: I want to have his Bin Laden babies!

Sarah: Note to self: less optimism in next firmware update...

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  • Dave 'The Knave' White (04/03/2009)

    I hadn't originally intended to do this as finished pencils but there was a sort of crazy energy in the third panel that I knew I'd ruin with my sloppy marker inking. Of course, it took longer to erase my construction lines and fix up the other panels than it would have to do a slop job... Still, I kinda like how it turned out.

  • Steve White (04/03/2009)

    I think you got the look you were going for with her attire there.

  • Dave 'The Knave' White (04/03/2009)

    Which one? There are two "hers" in the strip...

  • Jackfish Crow (04/04/2009)

    I got curious about one of my old favorite comics, The Japanese Beetle, which led me to your blog, which led me here. And on like the very first strip! Rockin'. I'm gettin' in on the ground floor of the soon to be exploding fandom of this one!

  • fomogetss (04/04/2009)

    Good morning. Good site.

  • Steve Ford (04/05/2009)

    YAY!! I've been waiting patiently for your creative juices to flow out to the wider audience. You tricked me, actually. I had been watching the "drawing board" tag on your blog, and missed the intro. Now I've got the RSS and will pounce on you like ... like ... something that pounces. Really well. Maybe a cat or something.

    So far I like the characters. And you're probably right about panel 3. Probably un-recreatable.

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