Thought #41

Rob Liefeld's Bloodstayne

Earlier tonight I managed to screw up my pinky pretty badly by forgetting everything I ever learned about knife safety in Boy Scouts. The sad thing is, my first thought after getting home from the emergency room was "Hey, let's iron these bloody paper towels flat, scan them, and turn them into some splatter/grunge brushes in Photoshop!" So here. Photoshop CS2+, 5.4 MB ZIP file. Individually, the brushes aren't much, but they layer nicely.

"Rob Liefeld's Bloodstayne" is a great name for a character. Especially if Rob Liefeld has absolutely nothing to dowith his creation. I imagine him as being like Rorschach, except not as restrained. Come to think of it, "Blood" + [misspelled noun] almost always winds up sounding like a second-string Youngblood character. Bloodgodd. Bloodfizt. Bloodphart. Bloodklot. I could do this all day.

Thought #42

The wires on the black JVC Gumi earbuds I'd been using since November somehow managed to get stripped, so I'm already on set number two for the year. Between the finger, my car battery dying on me, and this, the year is off to a swell start. I should just thank my lucky stars that my love life can't possibly get any worse.

Thought #44

On the plus side, the doctor gave me a sticker for not crying during any of the shots or stitches (because they were all out of lollipops). That just about made my day.

Thought #44

For almost two whole years I haven't had a television. Well, okay, I have a TV set but I'm not paying for cable and I don't get any broadcast signals in my apartment. It's not a matter of principle or anything — after my last move I just thought my wallet might appreciate a slight reduction in my expenses, and I've never bothered to get the cable turned on since. For the first few months I went over to a friend's house to watch the programs I was interested in, but I haven't done that in quite a while, and there are a few shows I'm following on DVD.

You think not watching TV all the time has made me more productive. Not so — I spend just as much time goofing off except now I'm reading, surfing the 'net, or playing video games instead of being plopped in front of the TV. If anything, it's made me less productive, since I usually spent a lot of time watching TV and doing something else. All of my replacement activities require my full attention, and consequently I'm getting a lot less done.

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