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Thought #33

For a while now, I've been trying to figure out what I've learned from PodCamp, and the answer is: nothing. That isn't all that surprising — a social media conference isn't really going to have much to teach someone who is wired into the internet 24/7 for his job.

Even though I didn't learn anything, I still think PodCamp offered a lot of benefits from a pscyhological standpoint. Every once in a while I start panicking because I think that if god forbid something did happen to my job there's nowhere else in Pittsburgh that would employ me, or that I'm the only person in town who occupies this crazy little niche. Sitting in a big room with dozens of other people in the same situation goes a long way towards alleviating those anxieties.

Thought #34

Currently on my sixth set of headphones for the year. Oh my.

The fourth set were actually great headphones — except that they had these thin little rubber wraps that acted as a cushion around the speaker and those popped off way too easily. They were easy enough to put back on, but eventually one rolled away and disappeared for good. The headphones were still producing some great sound but were now too painful to wear.

Fed up, I decided to go with some super-cheap headphones for the fifth set. Unfortunately, it was a case of getting what you paid for — even with the volume cranked to the max the loudest song I had was easily drowned out by background noise. I figured a little pain was good for the soul and went back to the fourth set, until I stumbled out of bed at three in the morning and stepped on one of the earbuds. Ouch, and also whoops.

Fortunately, the sixth set is working out just fine — they're my preferred model, the JVC Gumi earbuds, and for once I've been able to find them in a nice, manly color that doesn't make me feel like a twelve year-old girl.

Thought #35

It's interesting how certain pop culture references get stuck in your head. The other day I was driving home after a Dead Milkmen concert and along the way I drove through one of first real snowstorms of the year. And, just like every year in late October when the first unseasonal flakes begin to fall, this was the first thing that ran through my mind...

I'm a reasonable man, MacArthur...

It happens during that first snowstorm every year. And I wasn't even born when this strip first ran.

Thought #36

Some random Halloween photos...

My family carves some weird pumpkins

Sister Noélle gets ready to lay the smack down

"Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than Hell itself..."

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