Just Painful

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
MILWAUKEE BREWERS 0 1 1 0 0 5 1 0 3 11 16 0
PITTSBURGH PIRATES 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 3 6 0

Um, look on the bright side, look on the bright side... Well, the Pirates didn't make any errors! Not for lack of trying, though. Some fun observations:

  • It's been said before, and it'll be said again, but damn Prince Fielder is huge. Guess that vegan diet's not working.

  • At first glance, it sure looked like Brewers right fielder Corey Hart had a cell phone in his uniform pocket and was checking his text messages between innings. A quick on-line search quickly reveales that Hart claims to carry a "cheat sheet" on how to deal with various batters. Funny, though, how none of the other Brewers outfielders seems to carry one...

  • The fan seated to my right, a long-time season ticket holder who rarely misses a game, could not wait for yesterday's game to be over so he could leave. It was kind of funny to watch him stand up at the beginning of a pitch, only to sit down as the Pirates kept things alive. As soon as that last out was made he was out of the stadium like a rocket.

  • An interesting fact that turned up in conversation: the Pirates lead all teams in the majors by offering 64 promotions a year. I suppose that's what you've got to do to keep the fans interested when you're on the verge of your 16th losing season. But even so, that's a lot of free crap, and I have to imagine the Pirates have hit the point of diminishing returns. I know I've run out of room on my shelves for bobbleheads and other trinkets, and I've even started to get burned out on fireworks displays. It'll be sad to see what happens when free crap can no longer lure folks out to the ballpark.

  • Over on Bucs Dugout they cannot figure out why fans seem to like Nyjer Morgan. The stats back them up — he's an average player who'd make a backup player but what the Pirates really need is someone much stronger offensively.

    But Morgan actually shows some enthusiasm for being on the field. He hustles on every play, tries to make the most out of each at bat, and generally seems happy to be in the big leagues (as opposed to his teammates, who sometimes seem depressed to be playing for the Pirates). He plays a different style of baseball that we're used to seeing — when was the last time a Pirates player stole a base that wasn't a fait accompli? The fans react to these things, and it doesn't hurt to have someone on your roster that the fans actually like.

    Especially when you don't have many other options.

  • By this time next week, the Pirates will tie the 1933-1948 Philadelphia Phillies with their 16th consecutive losing season. Whoo! Pennsylvania pride!

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