Eternals #2-3 (2008)

Story by Charles & Daniel Knauf
Art by Daniel Acuna
Lettered by Todd Klein

After three issues, it's pretty obvious that this Eternals series isn't for me.

The Knaufs continue to build their series around the Eternals, without bothering to give most of them anything resembling character or actual motivation. New characters are introduced but not explained, and then shuffled off to the sidelines. The Celestials aren't mysterious, unknowable space gods - they just don't deign to explain themselves. The Dreaming Celestial isn't some sinister judge - he's downright chatty and surprisingly helpful. The mysterious workings of universe appear to be simple power games straight out of Lensman, with the Celestials serving as Arisians and the Horde as Eddorians.

I would have dropped this series after issue #2 if it weren't for the art of Daniel Acuna.

Eternals #2, p. 7Eternals (2008) #2, p. 7

As Makkari says, that's just beautiful. And yet, I'm still not satisfied, because his Celestials look too organic, too symmetrical and smooth. They're not jarring presences whose very existence throws your thought processes into disorder.

But I don't want to waste too much time on Eternals, because it's counterproductive. Marvel doesn't share my vision of what the concept is about, and probably never will, because it's not marketable and they can't tie it to their existing superhero properties. I think their current take is shortsighted, and actively harms the characters and their mythology, but it's not my call to make. I've got a zillion other entertainment options and it's stupid to waste time working myself into a lather over this one when I could be enjoying something else.

Instead, I'll just say this. This series is sort of predictable, and completely impenetrable to anyone not already steeped in the lore of Eternals. And honestly, that's all you need to know.

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