Gold Digger Perfect Memory #1-2 (1996)

Gold Digger: Perfect Memory #1 cover

I don't actually have much to say about Gold Digger: Perfect Memory, which is really just a fan book that recap the comics for people who don't have access to them (#1 covers issues #1-25, and #2 covers issues #26-50). They're weird relics from an earlier moment in publishing, when it wasn't possible to pick up the entire run of a series in trade paperback. I stopped picking them up when I realized that I was paying for summaries of issues I already owned, which seemed stupid. After all, if I really wanted to know what happened in Gold Digger #35, it was sitting right in my long boxes. In fact, I'd probably have to flip past it to get to the Perfect Memory issues.

Which is why it surprises me that there are three more Perfect Memory, covering issues #1-75 of the current series, which are not terribly difficult to find and reprinted in the fan-friendly Gold Brick collections. I find it difficult to believe that anyone would buy these except for the most devoted fan - and they'd probably prefer the absurd level of detail reached in something like the Official Handbook of the Gold Digger Universe.

Does anyone else have a clue as to who would be buying these?

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