Random Thoughts

Thought #21

Just once I'd like to hear Lanny Frattare pronounce "Kosuke Fukodome" correctly. Or at least pronounce in a way that doesn't turn the first few syllables into a curse word.

Thought #22

I have noticed that lately when I notice girls I tend to zero in on a single body part, such as "Good God, that's the most beautiful nose I've ever seen!" or "What a perfectly formed toe!" or "That philtrum looks so deliciously kissable!" I feel like Zeuxis cobbling together his portrait of Helena.

Thought #23

My Heavenly Hocky Club v5 p. 85

My Heavenly Hockey Club v5, p. 85

Thought #24

The other day I realized I was turning into my father. It wasn't because the way I looked in the mirror, or because of any particular thought I had. It was because I was eating cold beans from a can. As soon as the realization struck me, I dropped everything I was doing, washed up, and went out and had some proper dinner.

Saved the beans, though. I've got some burgers in the freezer they'd go well with.

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