Random Thoughts

Thought #13

Me: What's this?

Mark: It's the new component that the client selected for the pods. They like it because it's cute. They like cute.

Me: So, if we paint the damn things pink and slap Hello Kitty on them, the client will buy more of them?

Mark: Well, but they also like black.

Me: So we paint them black and put Bad Badtz Maru on them.

Mark: That'll work.

Thought #14

astralagos: Goddammit, when are you gonna get to the peebos?
astralagos: I WANT PEEBOS!

ninjorilla: Well, maybe some hot Jazz-on-Perceptor action will take some of that sting away.

astralagos: I hate you in ways that language cannot describe.

Thought #15

Spank Me It's My Birthday

Thought #16

I am, by nature, an impulse buyer. For years I have done my best to try and curb those impulses. And yet today I find myself the proud owner of two "smencils" — scented pencils that smell like root beer.

Two steps forward, one step back...

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