Random Thoughts

Thought #5

One of the advantages of having an office on the South Side is that every now and then you seem some pretty strange stuff. Cute indy girls busking with an accordion. Shambling hordes of zombies. Hines Ward. So I probably shouldn't have been surprised when I left the office and found this parked out front...

The Troegsmobile

The Troegsmobile!

Because you can't see it very well in the photo, those little dots are actually stickers in the shapes of flattened Troeg's bottlecaps. Sweet.

Man, I could go for a Troegenator right now.

Thought #6

I have discovered the greatest seasoning ever — Bacon Salt. I might as well just go into my pantry and throw out all the coriander and nutmeg and what have ou. Who needs rosemary when you can make everything taste like peppered bacon?

(Actually, bacon salt is not the ideal seasoning for every food. I've found that it tends to work best with stuff that's oily and substantive, like a hamburger or a poached egg. But the novelty of making just about anything taste like bacon will never wear off.)

Thought #7

When the election results were coming in on February 10th, Collins IM'ed me expressing absolute amazement at Obama's margin of victory. I agreed, saying that Obama had bigger margins than a freshman's term paper. Even Collins thought that was clever.

Of course, I ruined that about 30 seconds later by stating that "Huckamania was running wild." Easy come, easy go.

Thought #8

For some reason "What's so goddamn happy about it?" is apparently not an appropriate response to "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Comments (4)

  1. Mike Collins (02/16/2008)

    Even Collins thought that was clever? Am I known for being harsh or something?

  2. Dave 'The Knave' White (02/16/2008)

    More that you're known for thinking that every third word out of my mouth is pure idiocy...

  3. Steven White (02/16/2008)

    Troeganator? Explain.

  4. Dave 'The Knave' White (02/16/2008)

    It's a double bock made by Troeg's Brewining in Harrisburg. Good stuff.

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